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Lens serves as your one-stop resource for exploring buyer profiles. It evaluates how well you align with the entire pool of potential buyers. With the power of algorithmic pairing and the expertise of the Alaris team, we combine the precision of science with the finesse of art.

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Find your match.

Alaris Lens exposes you the majority of the buyer pool at one time. No longer do you need to go buyer by buyer to determine fit.

A mockup of Alaris matchmaking app
A mockup of Alaris matchmaking app
A mockup of Alaris matchmaking app
A mockup of Alaris matchmaking app
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User Experience

Our Lens application is aesthetically pleasing and user-friendly. Powered by cutting-edge artificial intelligence, it swiftly addresses even the most complex queries.

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Unique Algorithm

Using hundreds of data points captured by both buyers and the sellers, the algorithm scores your degree of compatibility across the major areas of fit.

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Human Touch

While algorithms are powerful, the human touch can't be replaced. Throughout your engagement, the expert M&A team at Alaris will accompany you, ensuring a seamless journey to partnership.

ALaris Lens application

The future of matchmaking.

Historically speaking, there has been no single source of information for sellers to go to and search the buyers that exist. Thus firms seeking to partner via acquisition were forced to use a DIY approach, or hire sell side advisors who focus on valuation, over culture; the legacy pathways to partnership are slow, expensive, and frankly broken.

the alaris advantage

A new day in M&A.

Imagine crafting the perfect outcome for you, your team, and your clients. With Alaris Acquisitions by your side, seamlessly merge the precision of the Lens algorithm with the wisdom of human experience.

Let's redefine success together.

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frequently asked questions

Have questions? Get answers.

How many buyers have engaged the Deal Advocacy model?
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As of March 2024, Alaris has been engaged by approximately 67 industry leading buyers. We typically welcome 2-4 new buyers each month onto the roster. We believe the buyers in our network account for more than 80% of the country's annual transaction volume. In essence, when you partner with Alaris, you're essentially reaching the entire buyer community in a single interaction.

What if we get started, but decide we don't wish to continue?
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In fact, that's a common sentiment. Many firms that engage with our process are still determining if the timing is right for them. We recognize that you might be open to exploration but might not be prepared to finalize a transaction. That's perfectly fine. We believe that by navigating the initial stages of our process, you'll gain significant insights and value. So, when the moment is right, we're confident you'll reach out to us.

How does your matching algorithm work?
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Our approach starts with possessing the most comprehensive dataset on buyers within the country. Every buyer undergoes a meticulous 30-50 hour onboarding process, where we delve deep into essential details about their business, acquisition model, and culture. This extensive data is integrated into the Lens application. So, when you navigate Lens and set your preferences and priorities, our algorithm swiftly evaluates your compatibility with the buyer profiles. That's where the technical precision comes into play. However, at Alaris, we recognize that pure algorithms can't fully encompass the human nuances in a deal. That's why our seasoned M&A experts collaborate closely with you, leveraging insights from ~ 100 successful deals, to ensure the match is perfect.

How long is the process?
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The duration largely hinges on your availability and how organized your data is. On average, the entire process spans 5-8 months from our initial conversation to the day you integrate with your new partner's team. If time is pressing, we can expedite the process. Conversely, it might extend if we deviate from the planned cadence.

How are you different from other sell side advisors?
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Primarily it's how we think about managing the matchmaking process. Our deal advocacy model prioritizes the cultural fit in screening buyers. Most sell side advisors merely run a financial auction wherein buyers are screened purely based on their economic offer to you. Clearly the valuation and terms are a significant priority, however, eliminating buyers on math alone, ahead of culture is a bad idea. We think the only firms who should participate in the competitive bid process are those who are cultural fits. Would you really sell to a higher bidder that was a disaster for your team and clients? Of course not. The reason we can do this is because we have invested the time to learn the buyer models. No one else in the industry has done this. Each buyer on our roster committed to spending the time to educate us on every aspect of the firm, values, economic offer, and advisor value proposition. Armed with this knowledge, we are excellent matchmakers.

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