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Navigating M&A in wealth management? Let’s do it together! We'll unpack the jargon, add a sprinkle of humor, and offer a glimpse into the minds of buyers.

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Welcome to the wild world of M&A, where owners of wealth management firms venture into uncharted territory, hoping to strike a deal. It's a tricky path to navigate; who are the buyers? How do they think? What do they look for? How can I maximize my firm's value? How do we vet a partnership? Fear not, brave entrepreneurs! Hosts Allen Darby and Jacqueline Martinez are here to guide you through this unfamiliar terrain, helping you uncover what buyers really want and how to avoid the landmines that can blow up a deal.
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Meet the hosts

Allen Darby

Always candid, with a dash of audacity that bucks tradition... we'll keep him around for now, at least.

Jacqueline Martinez
managing partner

The intellectual powerhouse of the trio, the "Velvet Hammer" consistently ensures the gents stay true and grounded.

Rick Muzik
director of partnerships

How do you describe a man whose glasses always coordinate with his shoes? Mr. Muzik, our resident color expert, constantly challenges us with thought-provoking queries, all from the seller's viewpoint.

season 1

Special Guests

The Buyers Boardroom: Where industry titans and insiders converge, delivering unparalleled insights and masterclass expertise on wealth management deal-making. Dive into the epicenter of industry know-how.

Pat Mc Clain
co-founder and senior partner
allworth capital
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Pat McClain is a Co-Founder and Senior Partner at Allworth Financial. The keynote speaker at financial conferences nationwide, for more than two decades he has co-hosted Allworth’s Money Matters, one of the longest running financial topic radio programs and podcasts in the country. Pat, who has led Allworth to be ranked 23rd on Barron’s list of the top RIAs in America,(1) was also recently named one of 10 “Icons and Innovators” for 2021 by InvestmentNews. Additionally, for his 30-years of volunteer work at the Sacramento Food Bank, including serving as Chairman of the Board, the New York based “Invest in Others” foundation bestowed upon Pat its once yearly Community Service Award in 2014.(*)

Under Pat’s direction, in 2020, Allworth Financial was named among the top five fastest growing advisory firms in the country by Financial Advisor magazine.(2) Over the past several years, Pat and his Allworth Co-Founder, Scott Hanson, have overseen the addition of a wide range of various service offerings by the firm, including tax planning and accounting. Through his stewardship, Allworth has grown to have offices in every region of the country and to serve over 18,000 clients and manage more than $15 billion in assets.(4)

Sacramento native Pat McClain, Kathy McClain, his wife of more than 30 years, and their four children, reside in El Dorado Hills, California.

Matt Cooper
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Matt is a founding partner of Beacon Pointe Advisors and oversees the firm’s strategic plan focused on mergers and acquisitions, creating synergistic partnerships between Beacon Pointe and other wealth managers across the country. Matt has been featured in Financial Planning Magazine, Barron’s, InvestmentNews, Citywire, Financial Advisor IQ, and Forbes, among other publications. He also regularly speaks on a host of wealth management and industry-related topics across various national conferences. Matt has a passion for continuous lifetime learning with a focus on the wealth management and financial life management industries. At a time when the RIA industry is changing more rapidly than any other point in history, his focus is on building the best possible business to serve clients and to assist other wealth advisors in meeting their lifetime goals. Matt graduated from the University of Southern California Marshall School of Business with a BS in Finance and Business Economics. While at USC, Matt served as President for the Sigma Alpha Epsilon Fraternity. He remains a supporter of both the University and the National Fraternity. Matt has served on the Advisory Committee of Serving People in Need (SPIN), is past President of Newport Mesa National Junior Basketball, past President of the Andersen Elementary School Foundation (DEANS), is a member of Legatus International, and also served on the Investment Committee of The Orange Catholic Foundation. He lives in Dallas, Texas with his wife and has three sons. Matt enjoys traveling, running and exercise, and spending time with his family.

Matt Brinker
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Matt is a Managing Partner focused on evaluating new investment opportunities and helping partner firms work through strategic and operational initiatives for growth and scale.  

Before Merchant, Matt was Chief Business Development Officer and Head of Acquisitions for United Capital Financial Advisors, where he and his partners grew assets from $300m to $25b.  Matt was responsible for United’s acquisition strategy, which led to 90 transactions over 15 years. Additionally, Matt launched and grew United’s wealthtech platform growing assets to $23b aum. United was purchased by Goldman Sachs in 2019.

Matt is an investor and board member for several wealthtech companies focused on organic growth, modern client experiences, and operational scale.  

Matt is a guest columnist for and a frequent guest on various podcasts and panels, speaking on M&A, client experience, and growth at scale. Matt guest lectures at UC Irvine, covering varying aspects of the US financial services industry.    

Matt received an MBA from the University of California, Irvine, and a BA in Economics from the University of Colorado. Matt was named to WCC All-Rookie Soccer Team for St. Mary’s College.

Matt lives in Newport Beach, CA, with his wife and two children. Matt is as passionate about backcountry skiing, surfing, and endurance races as he is about working with founders and fellow entrepreneurs.  

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"I first met Allen and Alaris during the summer of 2021. By the end of the year, my life had changed as they were an integral part in helping me make the next transition in my business career by selling/merging with a bigger company. Their communication and recommendations along the way were priceless, and being that this was the biggest career move of my life, they did a wonderful job at making me feel the very comfortable during the process."
Marc Wolff Owner, Acquired by Beacon Pointe
October 19, 2023
"We love working with Alaris because they understand our model and culture. When they bring us a prospective partner, we have extreme confidence that it's a great fit for both parties. They truly care about the outcome for the buyer and the seller equally."
Mike Dohlberg, CEO Apollon
August 17, 2023
"At Beacon Pointe, culture is everything. We know when Alaris brings us a prospective partner they have gone through a robust process, are well educated, and have a high probability of being a fit for our family. It's a refreshing model for our industry."
Matt Cooper, President Beacon Pointe
August 13, 2023
"Alaris stands out amongst its peers. We appreciate the fact that they took a substantial amount of time to understand our firm and culture - no other M&A advisor has ever done that. The seller economics will always be important and while Alaris seeks to maximize that part of the seller outcome, it's never at the expense of cultural fit."
Glen Spencer, CEO Prime Capital Investment Advisers
October 17, 2023
“The team at Alaris are among the best in the industry. No one knows buyer models like they do.”
Matt Brinker, Partner Merchant Investment Management
September 8, 2023
"Working with Alaris gave us a great sense of confidence through the entire journey and their knowledge of the buyer universe accelerated the process. They are organized, transparent, and frankly, just a great team to work with. We were very happy with them and received a much higher valuation than we would have on our own."
John Horseman Owner, Acquired by Allworth
October 19, 2023
"Alaris was a great partner with us in the M&A process. We felt better educated, guided and ultimately able to identify who was a great fit for us as a result of their process."
Dean Barber, Owner Horseman Group, Acquired by Modern Wealth Management
October 19, 2023
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