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We serve the Wealth Management Industry. Exclusively.

We don't just spend time in wealth management. It's our entire focus. Period.

We are your wingman
Whether you're a seller exploring the nuances of partnership through acquisition or a buyer on a quest for the perfect match, Alaris stands by your side as your ally.

It’s a big decision. We’ve been there.

We've journeyed down this path firsthand, deeply understanding the weight of entrusting someone with your life's masterpiece.

There are three pathways to partnership.
1- Go it alone
2- Hire a sell side advisor
3- Deal Advocacy

the alaris benefit for Sellers
Survey the entire buyer pool simultaneously with expert guidance.
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Save Time

We've cataloged the majority of buyer models. Say goodbye to spending months searching for the right buyer—one by one. We've streamlined the process for you.

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Cultural Fit

Our Deal Advocacy model champions cultural fit first and foremost. While we're driven to amplify your value, we'll never compromise culture. Period

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Ideal Outcome

Working in the Lens application combined with our expert guidance, you'll find the right match that aligns  culturally and economically, ensuring the best outcome for you, your team and clients.


Curated opportunities.

We view ourselves as collaborators with your M&A team. We're invested in both the seller's and buyer's results. This balanced stance in deal-making mandates that we integrate your preferred scenario and ideal partner into our methodology.

No exclusive commitment

You are free to source transactions on your own or with any other advisor(s).

A non-adversarial partnership

While we are sell side advisors in a number of transactions each year, our primary model- Deal Advocacy, places us in the middle between the buyer and seller. We are neutral and thus aren't adversarial in our posture towards any buyer. We strive for a market transaction that is accretive to both parties, and most importantly, is a cultural fit for you.

Accelerated timeline

When we introduce a seller to you, they have come through a thorough process with Alaris, and have been screened against your model. Further you have been matched with them according to the strength of alignment with their business and ideal outcome. Lastly, they have chosen you as a potential fit . Thus the Alaris process saves you massive amounts of time and expense when compared to self-sourcing opportunities.

Expand your reach

As comprehensive as your outbound search my be, you cannot cover the entire landscape of opportunities. Alaris gives you increased exposure, that is laser focused on potential partners that are aligned to your business.

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