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Results that speak for themselves.

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Our team's expertise, combined with the Lens algorithmic matching model, provides you with a measurably smoother, more cost efficient experience on your journey to partnership.

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Acquired by Concurrent
Atlanta, GA
Midwest Financial, Acquired by Modern Wealth Management
Glidden, IA
Acquired by Dakota Wealth Management
Sartell, MN
Finney Wealth Management, Acquired by Beacon Pointe
Fairfield, NJ
Acquired by Perigon
Syracuse, NY
Acquired by Carson Wealth
Columbia, MD
Acquired by Apollon
Barrington, IL
Acquired by Apollon
Atlanta, GA
Acquired by Modern Wealth Management
Leawood, KS
Acquired by Allworth
Indianapolis, IN
Acquired by Beacon Pointe
San Fransisco, CA
Acquired by Apollon
Columbia, SC
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"We love working with Alaris because they understand our model and culture. When they bring us a prospective partner, we have extreme confidence that it's a great fit for both parties. They truly care about the outcome for the buyer and the seller equally."
Apollon Wealth Management

Mike Dohlberg, CEO Apollon Wealth Management

"At Beacon Pointe, culture is everything. We know when Alaris brings us a prospective partner they have gone through a robust process, are well educated, and have a high probability of being a fit for our family. It's a refreshing model for our industry."
Beacon Pointe

Matt Cooper, President Beacon Pointe

"Alaris stands out amongst its peers. We appreciate the fact that they took a substantial amount of time to understand our firm and culture - no other M&A advisor has ever done that. The seller economics will always be important and while Alaris seeks to maximize that part of the seller outcome, it's never at the expense of cultural fit."
Prime Capital Investment Advisors

Glen Spencer, CEO Prime Capital Investment Advisors

"I first met Allen and Alaris during the summer of 2021. By the end of the year, my life had changed as they were an integral part in helping me make the next transition in my business career by selling/merging with a bigger company. Their communication and recommendations along the way were priceless, and being that this was the biggest career move of my life, they did a wonderful job at making me feel the very comfortable during the process."
Southern Trust Financial Planning

Marc Wolff Owner, Acquired by Beacon Pointe

"Working with Alaris gave us a great sense of confidence through the entire journey and their knowledge of the buyer universe accelerated the process. They are organized, transparent, and frankly, just a great team to work with. We were very happy with them and received a much higher valuation than we would have on our own."
Horseman Group

John Horseman Owner, Acquired by Allworth

"Alaris was a great partner with us in the M&A process. We felt better educated, guided and ultimately able to identify who was a great fit for us as a result of their process."
Barber Financial Group

Dean Barber Owner, Acquired by Modern Wealth Management.

"Alaris was amazing! Not only did they help me find the right fit (or firm?), but they made the transition much smoother than it would've been on my own. And I believe the overall outcome was much better than it would've been without them."
Rosenthal Retirement Planning

William Rosenthal Owner, Acquired by Beacon Pointe

"Working with Alaris was like being part of a team. their industry knowledge and experience was extremely valuable and the level of professionalism they provided was crucial throughout the entire process."
Vintage West Capital Management

William Blanton Owner, Acquired by Miracle Mile.

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